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Greencast Sweden - Dr Watson’s Spring clean for faster green recovery

Furthermore, the introduction of Medallion TL has proven to give long-lasting disease protection under the snow. Effective results have lasted for weeks when applied before infection and weather conditions conducive to disease. Combined, these effects have given the opportunity for unprecedented levels of turf cover remaining after the winter.

What are the risks to recovery?

Medallion TL has proven extremely effective in targeting disease pathogens on the leaf and in the thatch, to reduce the risk of disease and protect plants from infection. However, over the course of the winter, the number of infective disease spores does inevitably build up.

Systemic activity is essential once turf is actively growing, since any contact protection will quickly grow up the leaf and be cut off, leaving newly emerging growth at the base of the plant unprotected and especially vulnerable to infection from spores in the thatch.

Maintaining growth

Providing an appropriate nutrition programme during the spring will speed up recovery and spread of existing turf plants and encourage the growth of over-seeded surfaces.

As weather conditions improve and growth speeds up, the pressure from disease infection should reduce and turf plants may be able to tolerate or outgrow low levels of infection without further fungicide treatments. However, if conditions turn conducive to disease or plants are stressed and become susceptible to infection, further applications could maintain turf health and avoid damage to playing surfaces.

• Keep surfaces as dry as possible and encourage air-flow

• Reduce cutting height steadily as turf growth increases

• Use cool weather systemic Banner Maxx to protect from disease

• Feed with fast uptake true foliar liquid programme

• Encourage tillering to fill gaps and create a dense surface