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Greencast Sweden - Optimise Summer Fertiliser Efficiency

The removal of grass clippings with every cut takes away nutrients that must be replaced to maintain turf health.

Therefore, reducing the clipping yield with a growth regulator programme should correspondingly make more efficient use of fertiliser inputs, whilst maintaining turf colour and health.

All nutrients are removed in grass clippings, with nitrogen (N) the major nutrient component, along with potassium (K) and, to a lesser extent, phosphorus and calcium.

During peak growing conditions over the summer, any nutrient stress could exacerbate root mass die back as plants seek to conserve carbohydrates. Primo Maxx programmes have consistently shown to retain healthy root systems more effectively over the summer, which also serves to further enhance nutrient and water uptake from the soil, as well minimise effects of heat and drought.

Primo Maxx has also been shown to increase levels of cytokinins that are crucial to help plants withstand summer heat and drought stress more effectively, as well as increasing the concentration of chlorophyll to maintain visual colour.

Retaining soil moisture and soluble nutrition in the root zone for longer could also aid overall plant uptake and utilisation.

The combination of increased root mass and greater soil moisture contact would explain the health and colour improvements seen by greenkeepers.

In addition to improving efficiency of fertiliser applications, this benefit could also be seen with the bio-stimulant Vitalnova Blade to fully utilise the nutrients released.

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- Match nutrient inputs to turf growth

- Maintain turf in growth regulation right through the season

- Adjust Primo Maxx rates and application intervals to prevailing growth and weather conditions

- Use Integrated Turf Management techniques to retain root mass

- Combine Primo Maxx programmes with Qualibra